Emily Ramos


Graphic Designer & Painter

Emily Ramos graduates from Rutgers University-Camden with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. Some of her accomplishments include participating in the creation of the mural for the Student Health Services and being a first-generation college student. Emily is a passionate musician, who also enjoys painting and swimming. She is comfortable working with others as she is independently. She hopes to find a place where she can learn and develop her skills through mentorship and build lasting relationships.

Food Fight
No Surprises
The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Min
EgoPo Logo
Beyond Sight Postcards
Mental Health Growth
Escapism in Society
Stay Safe Campaign
Flower Power
The Heart of the Mural
Emily Ramos - Graphic Designer/Painter/Illustrator 


As a Graphic Designer I enjoy problem solving. It was always interesting to me to see how art can affect the way people think and feel. As a designer one of the most complex aspects of the job is making something that everyone can understand. I view the start of a new project as a start of a new journey to helping people. I enjoy the process of coming up with different design ideas. Because of my abstract tendencies, I aspire to create ideas that go beyond traditional expectations and looking for unique visual solutions. My work created during the spring 2020 semester centered on the theme of escapism, using graphic design as an escape for myself and my audience. Many of my works create a new world or provide an environment for people to distract themselves.

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